Local BBQ favorite closes temporarily because of construction

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 6:44 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - The city of Sherman has extended construction on Lamberth Road, after crews found a sewage line that had been collapsing in on itself.

It’s a project city officials hope will only last two weeks, but businesses in the area are feeling the impact already.

Business like Magic Smoke BBQ, located at the Travis and Lamberth intersection say the project has caused them to close down temporarily.

“Let’s just say I’m ready for it to be over,” said BBQ owner Magic Johnson. “There’s no through traffic through any one of these intersection. It has hindered our business, which has caused us to shut down temporary.”

Johnson says he wasn’t prepared for the construction.

“I’ve had calls, texts, Emails, ‘when are you gonna open?’” Johnson said.

To try and stay afloat, he and his son Marcus Jr. say they’ve had to revert back to mobile orders and temporary locations. It’s something they haven’t done in nearly 8 years.

“It wasn’t hard for us to go back to that, but it’s definitely not the same revenue we’d make at our restaurant setting, and our employees are suffering also,” said Jr.

They hope it’ll be enough to keep them in business until the construction is over.

“I look at it as a minor set back for a major come back,” Johnson said. “It’ll be okay soon.”

“This is a really, really busy intersection. Two major roads coming together in Sherman,” said Sherman City Spokesman Nate Strauch. “That’s why we’ve hired a contractor, to come in and do the project as quickly as possible, so we’re hopeful that we’ll come in at that two week mark, which is what we’re hopeful for.”

“I look at it as a minor set back, for a major come back,” said Johnson. “It’ll be okay soon.”

To find Magic Smoke BBQ’s temporary locations, click here.

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