Reaping and sowing, Heather’s Story

HER Story is a targeted approach to stopping violence before it happens by creating a community that values strong, supported women.
Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 3:25 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - News 12 is working with the Grayson Crisis Center to prevent violence by changing the way our community values women.

We’re highlighting one woman a month who redefines success by achieving HER goals in HER way.

This month, a nurse at Wilson N Jones hospital, who still somehow finds the time to give back to the community through volunteering.

It’s where she forged the relationships she leans on to find her own success, while inspiring others to find theirs.

When most people get off work as an overnight ER nurse, they might go to sleep, even just take some time for themselves.

Heather Marshall volunteers.

“I love helping people and I want to be involved in something, just anything,” said Marshall.

She says it puts her mind at ease, knowing she has a direct role in improving her community.

“It makes them feel like, well, someone in this community cares about me,” she said. “They’re helping me with something.”

She credits her generous spirit to how she was raised and the heart of the women around her, in Sherman Service League and in her life.

“I might just be filing papers but I’m helping with someone here that’s super busy, take something else off their plate so they can do something else to help a client,” said Marshall.

Heather says even the smallest seed of kindness can change everything.

“I measure my success with my relationships in my life, with my family and friends and what I can give back, whether to the community or with my job is caring for people,” she said.

And grow into something much bigger.

“They inspire you to do more and to help all that you can, to just reach further,” said Marshall.

She says the kindness she sows now could change a whole community one day.

“I hope that it makes them feel loved,” she said.

So she’s starting small, knowing she can reap the reward of the compassion she plants for years to come.

“You’re going to get back what you give,” said Marshall. “So give kindness, give help, give everything that you can and you’re going to get it back at the end of the day.”

To nominate someone you think has redefined success, or to learn more about this program and how it aims to prevent violence in our community, find the Grayson Crisis Center’s HER Story page here.

To learn more about volunteering and donating in Texoma, visit the Sherman Service League’s new portal here.

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