Denison Fire Rescue to extend outsourced EMS contract

Published: Jun. 30, 2021 at 6:20 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - The city of Denison said they plan to continue outsourcing LifeNet EMS as part of the Denison Fire Rescue team.

Denison fire chief Gregg Loyd announced at last week’s annual budget retreat that they plan to continue contracting with LifeNet EMS.

“We’ve been fortunate to be able to witness what they can do firsthand and work with them for a year and a half and I think that brought a level of comfort,” said Loyd.

Two years ago they signed a temporary contract with LifeNet EMS while sending new hires to paramedic school.

Chief Gregg Loyd said they’ve struggled to keep trained paramedics from leaving for the Metroplex.

“We’re not able to maintain in a state of flux for that long to wait for that to happen, so it’s not really realistic for us to think we can compete close enough to prevent that draw and that pull from the Metroplex,” said Loyd.

Denison is the only department in Grayson county to outsource EMS.

Mayor Janet Gott said pay for paramedics is something Denison cannot compete with Dallas area departments.

“We just need to provide services for our community, make sure that our citizens receive the services that they deserve and what they pay for in their taxes,” said Gott.

They said LifeNet has exceeded the city’s expectations for service. Now they want to make the partnership permanent. Gott said it won’t cost more for taxpayers.

“Well there will actually be cost savings, but those cost savings then will be rolled into better equipment, better training, all of those things that make us a better department,” said Gott.

An advisory committee of city and fire department officials, hospital personnel, and Denison citizens has been put in place to oversee the partnership.

“We have actually seen this in place for a year and a half and I can assure them the service delivered that they’re gonna get from LifeNet is every bit the quality that they were getting from Denison Fire Rescue. And we intend to put the oversight in place to make sure that stays that way,” said Loyd.

City council approved the continued contract. They’re now in the negotiation stage with LifeNet.

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