Woman attacked by pack of neighbor’s dogs in Bryan County

Published: Jul. 5, 2021 at 10:27 PM CDT
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CADDO, Oklahoma (KXII) - A Bryan County woman says she was attacked by her neighbor’s dogs last Thursday and it happened at her neighbor’s command.

“Next thing I knew the dogs were told to attack me and he told me to die,” said Teresa Jones, 57. “They started tearing me apart, all of them, all four of them. I have stitches everywhere.”

Jones was taken to Alliance health in Durant and needed stitches in her right arm pit, the back of her right arm, the sides of both legs and her left oblique from the attack.

Monday she had to get a rabbies shot because the dogs are not vaccinated.

“He told them to hurt me and Dakota was trying to save me and he hit him in the mouth,” Jones said.

Jones said the neighbor who ordered the dogs to attack may be mentally ill.

“He’s not all there,” Jones said. “He dances out in the street when it rains and he’s crazy, he needs to be locked up.”

Dakota Bourbeau saw the attack as it happened.

“They were trying to tear her limb from limb and each part of her body was being pulled and I was just trying to get them off,” Bourbeau said. “The whole time he was yelling at her in her face ‘I hope they (expletive) kill you (expletive).’”

Bourbeau said he dragged Jones’ bleeding body back to her home so the dogs didn’t kill her.

“He knew he was sicking the dogs, he knew they were going to attack,” Bourbeau said. “It wasn’t part of his crazy at all.”

Bourbeau described the neighbor’s “crazy” characteristics as frantic yelling in the middle of the night, constant dancing in the streets and “he come by our houses and tell us he’s going to cut our faces off if he sees us outside.”

“They don’t watch their dogs, they allow them to breed out of control and lets them become a pack and develop pack mentality,” Bourbeau said.

Bryan County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the attack and Jones said they told the neighbor he had to quarantine the dogs, however they were out wandering the yard and even came onto Jones’ property Monday.

Bourbeau says he doesn’t believe the dogs are spay and neutered and one just had puppies about eight weeks ago.

Jones said the situation has gotten out of control.

“I just don’t want a kid to get hurt something needs to be done,” Jones said.

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