Local lawmaker shares his priority for special legislative session agenda items

Published: Jul. 7, 2021 at 10:48 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Starting Thursday there are 11 items being discussed over the next 30 days in the special legislative session.

A few items being discussed are, funding to support law enforcement at the border, legislation that would ban transgender athletes from competing with the gender they identify as, and voter integrity laws, which is what District 30 Senator Drew Springer said will make the biggest impact across the state.

“That’s what got killed on the last day or two days before the end of session when the Democrats walked out on the job and everybody in Grayson County and all of Senate District 30 deserve to have the same opportunity to vote as those in Harris County and they shouldn’t be disadvantaged,” Senator Springer said.

Senator Springer thinks one item on the agenda for the special session, strengthening the integrity of elections in Texas, will make the biggest splash if the proposed legislation is signed.

“I’m excited to see every one of them pass, election integrity I think, so many of mine have made that the number one thing,” Senator Springer said.

The Grayson County Election Administrator says their main concern with strengthening election laws is curbside voting.

Grayson county voters were mixed on the change.

“I think they are fine just as they are, I don’t think we need to go back to restrictions like they were when we were a kid so I’m really not for it, I’m really not,” Sherman resident Emma Burkart said.

Burkart lives in Sherman and likes the way the last election was handled.

Fellow Sherman resident Juan Melendz, thinks lawmakers should be looking toward the future.

“More security cause this is an important what the people want, you know their voice,” Melendz said.

Senator Springer said lawmakers he’s spoken with are ready to get to Austin and get things done.

“You know I think everybody is thinking let’s get down there, let’s get to work, lets, you know we don’t need the pomp in circumstances we don’t need to delay this, we are ready to get down there and get to work and get this done, if it takes 30 days it takes 30 days, most of us would love to see it take 14 to 20 days,” Senator Springer said.

Senator Springer also mentioned things like critical race theory and retired teacher benefits that he is excited to hear debated again.

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