FBI opens up investigation into 2013 Love Co. teen disappearance case

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 10:38 PM CDT
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WILSON, Oklahoma (KXII) - Molly Miller and Colt Haynes disappeared seven years ago after a car chase in Wilson.

The two were in the car with an individual named James “Conn” Nipp when they lead police on a high speed chase into Love County July 8, 2013.

That’s when Paula Fielder, Miller’s cousin, says Nipp drove the car off the road and into the woods near Long Hollow and Oswalt road in Love County. Before abandoning Haynes and Miller with the car in the woods.

“Molly and Colt called multiple people during the night to try and pick them up,” Fielder said. “The next morning, there were four individuals who were out searching for them and they even went to Conn’s house to find out where they were.”

Nipp denied being with them, but the individuals had Colt on the phone with them. Colt talked to Nipp and told him ‘tell them where we’re at so we can get out of here.’

The four individuals that day searched for Miller and Haynes for four hours, before calling off the search.

“Molly’s phone went dead around 9:39 am, Colt’s phone went dead around 9:57 am on July 8,” Fielder said. “That’s the last time anyone has spoke to either one of them.”

Miller’s family declared her officially dead in January of this year.

Fielder said she doesn’t believe the Wilson Police Department at the time had the “resources or man power for this kind of investigation.”

“They knew who Molly was,” Fielder said. “They didn’t take this seriously, they took this as a runaway.”

In April, Fielder said an informant came to her with information about Miller’s death. Information she brought to the FBI.

The information was “good enough” that Fielder convinced them to come forward to the FBI, who opened up their own investigation into Miller’s death in May.

Miller is a native Chickasaw so under the McGirt ruling the FBI picked up the case.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that what we’ve been told and what the FBI has been told is true and they have to follow through on the rest of this,” Fielder said.

Fielder said she believes, through what she’s been told, that someone witnessed what happened to Miller and Haynes and she believes there will be charges brought against someone this year in connection to their disappearance.

The family is holding onto hope that this new information and a fresh set of eyes will finally give them the answers they’ve been seeking for eight years.

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