Calera traffic light on US 69/75 and North McKinley removed

Construction continues on US 69/75 and North McKinley as traffic light is removed
Construction continues on US 69/75 and North McKinley as traffic light is removed(kxii)
Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 9:21 PM CDT
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CALERA, Oklahoma (KXII) - The traffic light in Calera at the intersection on Highway 69 / 75 and North McKinley is temporarily gone.

It’s the next phase of construction on the highway in Bryan County.

“Trying to survive after covid and then trying to survive with things shutting down here as a business person thats the things we worry about,” Sandmann said.

Rebecca Sandmann is the owner of Amish Cheese Factory at the intersection of North McKinley and Highway 69/75.

She’s worried taking down the traffic light there will mean fewer stops at her store.

“I know it’s necessary for some point to get the highway completed but as a business owner we of course wish we could get through the summer time season cause that’s one of our busiest season especially july this is our busiest month,” Sandmann said.

Oklahoma Transportation said in the next couple of weeks, depending on weather, a permanent traffic light should be going up.

Michelle Wilhite at DW’s Liquor said it’s an inconvenience to drivers and her customers.

“I think it’s a big inconvenience for people and especially like for ambulances and things like,” Wilhite said.

Removal of the light took about an hour Wednesday afternoon.

The intersection is now officially closed, so if you want to get to town, you have to use Main or Washington to do it.

“But I am sure it is necessary for the highway and we have no control over that but we appreciate how quickly and everything they work to get things done around here and they are working hard,” Sandmann said.

You can find alternative routes on the Calera Police Department- Oklahoma Facebook page.

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