Atoka cold case featured on true crime podcast

Updated: Jul. 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM CDT
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ATOKA, Okla. (KXII) - A Georgia based true crime podcast is featuring an Oklahoma cold case of an Atoka man missing since 2002.

The Fall Line podcast features cold cases that have especially received little, if any, public attention. Next January will mark 20 years since Victor Ray Greenwood went missing. The podcast host and the Greenwood family hope this will spark conversation and bring forward new leads.

“Cause somebody knows something, I know they do. Cause it’s a small town like everybody knows everybody,” said Eric Greenwood, Victor Ray Greenwood’s younger brother.

Eric Greenwood was 17-years-old when his brother Victor Ray Greenwood went missing. Victor was 37-years-old at the time. He’s been an endangered missing person since.

“Everybody used to see him walking, I remember people would tell me yeah I’ve seen him walking down the highway. He did his same routine walk all the time, he never changed it up,” said Greenwood.

Victor walked everywhere because he was legally blind. He was last seen after leaving for one of his routine walks in 2002.

“We don’t pretend to be investigators. We’re not solving cold cases. We’re simply trying to improve the public’s understanding of cold cases and improve the quality of information that’s out there and improve the public’s access to that information,” said Laurah Norton, co-creator of the Fall Line podcast.

Greenwood calls the podcast a blessing.

“I get a little peace from it, you know it eases my mind,” said Greenwood.

The first episode tells the story of his disappearance in an effort to spark conversation on his whereabouts.

“We are interested in asking people to think because there are people out there who might have an idea who might actually know or might not know that they know something important,” said Norton.

The second episode will be released Wednesday, and will explain all of the possibilities as to what happened to Victor or where he could be now.

“You tend to think when someone goes missing and is gone for that long you know you tend to think that perhaps they’re deceased. But the longer we looked at the case it really did seem that there were some viable options that he could have gone missing and still be alive,” said Norton.

“I’m like a positive person so I can’t just sit there and just be like yeah he’s dead you know that’s like me giving up. And I’m not gonna give up,” said Greenwood.

The family encourages the community to listen to the podcast. If you have any information on Victor Ray Greenwood’s disappearance, contact the Atoka Police Department at 580-889-3250.

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