BODY CAM FOOTAGE: Grayson County Judge Bill Magers DWI arrest

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 8:23 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - New details in the DWI case against Grayson County Judge Bill Magers. Body camera footage obtained by News 12 captures the events that led up to his arrest last year.

Footage from February 19, 2020 shows the night Judge Magers was arrested for DWI, after crashing his truck into a light pole in the parking lot of Shulman’s Movie Bowl grille.

In the video Magers says he was texting while driving, but the officers suspected there was another problem.

“That’s f*ing Bill Magers!” -SPD

“Who is he?”-DPS

“That’s our county judge!” -SPD

When Sherman Police and DPS Troopers arrived on scene, they found County Judge Bill Magers, who appeared to be intoxicated.

“Sir let me ask you, how much have you had to drink?” -DPS

“Not much.”-Magers

“How much is not much?”-DPS

*Slurred speech* -Magers

DPS troopers say Magers failed a field-sobriety eye test and smelled of alcohol.

“You are going to be placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated” -DPS

“Alright, I understand.”-Magers

Moments after being hand-cuffed, troopers obtain his cell phone.

“He had a missed call from Brett Smith” -DPS

“He’s already got a missed call from Brett Smith?” -SPD

News 12 reached out to Grayson County District Attorney Brett Smith regarding the missed call, his office responded with this statement:

At the Hospital, the trooper asks Magers if he had been arrested before.

“I’m presuming you’ve never been arrested before?” -DPS

*Shakes head* “Not.. Well..” -Magers

“Have you been arrested for DWI before?” -DPS

“No. It’s been a while.” -Magers

Troopers say Magers’ BAC was 3.5 times over the legal limit.

On the phone: “Does he have a previous? *No sir* Is it just one? *No sir* It’s not? How many convictions?” -DPS

“You got a DWI in Florida?” -DPS

“Yeah but it was thrown out” -Magers

“You got one that was dropped to public intox? -DPS

“The last time I got DWI was in 1992 guys” -Magers

“And then you got another one that you got convicted on.. yeah you’ve got a conviction for DWI” -DPS

Jail records show Magers was arrested twice in the early 90s for driving while intoxicated.

In 1993, he was arrested for DWI, that one causing bodily injury in Grayson county. Three months after that one, he was arrested again for D-W-I in Dallas County, according to court records there.

Then in 2008, Magers was arrested in Flordia for driving while under the influence. That charge was eventually dropped.

In 2020, Magers was sentenced to one year on probation for DWI and sought formal treatment. He is currently serving his second term as Grayson County Judge, which ends next year. We reached out to Magers for comment on this story and did not hear back.

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