7 new businesses open in Thompson Square

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 6:29 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - When James Thompson and his wife bought the square a little over two years ago, there were only four businesses. Now, Thompson Square boasts 27 restaurants, shops, clinics and salons.

“Our square has been a little more of the local flair, the smaller businesses,” Thompson said. “Not so much of a national chain but the small homegrown type businesses.”

In the past few months, the square has welcomed an Asian food market, a physical therapy clinic, a speech therapy clinic, a wellness center, a real estate agency and two new restaurants.

Sidelinez Sports Grill co-owner Lisa Sanders said she built her restaurant to be something Ardmore was missing.

“I couldn’t find a place where I could go, I could sit down, have great food, I could watch a game, bring my family, cheer with the crowd,” Sanders said.

And she’s been successful; she’s already making plans to expand the restaurant and add-on a sports bar for an evening with friends to the current family-friendly atmosphere.

“There’ll be games you can play in there, pool tables, shuffleboard,” Sanders said. “And not just a place to drink, but a nice atmosphere.”

Thompson said he has plans to construct a new structure with smaller offices so he can keep catering to small businesses.

“This is a hometown feel,” Thompson said. “You’re gonna know who’s here, you’re going to know who you’re dealing with. These people are our family.”

Thompson said he hopes to start construction next year.

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