Cartwright man arrested after threatening to light gas pump on fire, blow it up

Cartwright man arrested after threatening to light gas pump on fire, blow it up.
Cartwright man arrested after threatening to light gas pump on fire, blow it up.(KXII)
Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 6:26 PM CDT
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CARTWRIGHT, Okla. (KXII) - A man was arrested in Cartwright Wednesday, accused of spraying people with gasoline and threatening to light the pump on fire and blow it up.

Josh Huston, lives in Cartwright and his brother Thomas said the two got into an argument before Josh stormed out of the house. He only found out what his brother did via a social media post.

“Everybody that knows my brother knows that he’s mentally ill,” Thomas Huston said. “All the officers the sheriff’s deputies they all know him, they’ve all dealt with him and it seems like they just lock him up, jack him full of medication and dump him back on the streets.”

When Colbert Police arrived Huston ran, but was arrested about a mile away for public intoxication. But his brother says he was sober.

“I heard he sprayed the gas on some vehicles, he got some people with it,” said Nacona Davis, Huston’s friend. “When deputies showed up he tried running from the deputies and tried to get them too.”

A witness said they saw Huston take off in a full spring when deputies arrived. They said they saw him run down Willifa Woods Road before he reluctantly surrendered to officers, after the threat of being tasered if he didn’t comply.

Huston was later released from the Bryan County Jail after being booked for public intoxication without having to post bond.

“He’s on parole and prison wouldn’t do anything to help him,” Huston said of his brother.

Karla Davison, the director of outpatient services at Lighthouse Behavioral Wellness Center in Durant, says Huston’s actions are a cry for help.

“Everyone that has mental illness, or that are doing things like that, there are environmental components and substance use can be a factor even if you’re not using but have used in the past,” Davison said. “It can all contribute.”

Lighthouse has a contract with the Oklahoma Department of Health to provide counseling and treatment to people without an income, or insurance, to meet their needs.

She says treating people like Huston is something that’s dealt with on a case by case basis and several factors like their home life, and potential drug usage go into that assessment.

“The biggest thing is if they’re willing to talk with us and willing to recognize that there’s something going on they’re usually pretty compliant and want to come and get help and feel better,” Davison said.

Huston said his brother hears voices in his head and he reacts to what they tell him, and believes the voices may have told him to commit this act.

“Being his brother is hell, because no one will help him and I have to watch him suffer,” Huston said. “It’s draining, heart breaking and disappointing.”

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