New DPS body camera footage from day Katie Palmer was hit

Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 7:01 PM CDT
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Denison, Texas (KXII) - There’s new body camera footage from the day Katie Palmer was hit with a truck.

This new footage was not submitted in the crash report that was given to the Grayson County Criminal District Attorney’s Office to use as evidence.

Katie Palmer’s husband John noticed there were other troopers with body cams whose footage wasn’t included, so the Palmer family requested this additional body camera footage from DPS.

Alkhatib: Yeah dude, he ******* knocked the **** out of her dude cause she was layin over there.”

This is the body camera footage of DPS troopers from April 21, 2020.

That day John and Katie Palmer were hit by an F-250 pickup truck driven by Cory Foster while walking in their neighborhood.

Katie was flown to a hospital and died there.

John broke his back.

“I was angered by what I saw,” said John Palmer. “The unprofessionalism by the DPS officers.”

“Just, the disrespect, the content that we have faced as law-abiding citizens that pay our taxes- we pay for these guys,” said Rhonda Nail, Katie’s mom.

We’ve seen some body camera footage from this crash before.

Alkhatib: I kinda- I just know of the guy cause his wife worked with (inaudible).

“He told his supervisors that he knew of Cory Foster,” said John Palmer.

But this is new.

This footage comes from the body cam of David Taylor, who’s talking with trooper Jack Hill and Corporal Tarif Alkhatib, the lead trooper on the scene.

This footage wasn’t included in the original information that was released about the crash.

Alkhatib: Dude, he’s got a big *** house, dude.

Taylor: what’s he do?

Alkhatib: He sells medical equipment.

“Yet, when you see this new footage, he knows everything about Cory,” said John Palmer.

Taylor: so they’re all neighbors, though?

Alkhatib: (laughs) Yeah. He just moved out here not too long ago.

“And, also knows about Cory’s problem with alcohol,” said John Palmer.

Alkhatib: But, right when I came up and saw it was him, I was like, dude, he’s probably drunk.

Hill: He said the same thing, he said: that- he’s always- that dude’s always drunk.

Alkhatib: He’s always drunk.

“No words can describe the feeling that our family...”

It’s been over a year since his wife’s death.

John Palmer said he hopes this footage will be new evidence that could go before a grand jury and help with a case against Cory Foster.

The District Attorney’s Office brought charges against Cory Foster twice, but both times a grand jury declined to indict him.

“No words can describe the feeling our family has had for the past 17 months,” said John Palmer. “The injustice that we’ve had to endure, and no one has stepped up to right this. No one. There has to be justice for Katie Palmer.”

KXII reached out to the District Attorney’s Office.

They sent us the statement below:

“The Grayson County Criminal District Attorney’s Office does not respond to social media posts that relate to matters that have been considered or are under consideration for prosecution by our office.”

KXII also reached out to DPS with questions such as why this new footage was never included in the initial information release, and they declined to comment.

John Palmer said they have filed a civil suit against Cory Foster.

Their next court date is in June of 2022.

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