Texoma school district installs security features from federal grant

Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 6:15 PM CDT
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POTTSBORO, Texas (KXII) - Events like what happened down in Arlington Wednesday morning are some of what inspired one Texoma school district to take preventative action to keep their students safe.

The US Department of Justice gave grants totaling $33 million to school districts across the country to up security measures. This week Pottsboro ISD put the finishing touches on the new features they were able to buy after receiving that grant last year.

“We received a grant for $309,000 and it was all to go towards security items,” said Debbie Ritchie, Coordinator of Student Services for Pottsboro ISD.

Ritchie said they were 1 of 12 districts across the state of Texas to receive the funding for things like metal detectors or entry shields.

“They’re very expensive and without our grant I don’t know that we would be able to do it this soon,” said Ritchie.

They purchased 5 for entrances at the middle and high school.

“They’ll detect if there’s anything that comes in that’s going to harm our students,” said Ritchie.

Along with 105 new security cameras installed across the district.

“Glass covering on our glass so it’s shatterproof. So if there’s a bomb or something like that in the parking lot it won’t shatter and hurt the students,” said Ritchie.

And duress buttons at entrances and in offices, which can cut down on police response time.

“In case there’s an emergency they can just hit the button and it automatically goes to Grayson County and it dispatches to Pottsboro Police Department,” said Ritchie.

School shootings and threats across the country helped make their decision.

“You hear of things in the news that wants you to be proactive,” said Ritchie.

They started installing the new equipment last year. The entry shields were just installed.

“We’re a safe community and we’re not doing this because of any threats or anything like that, it’s just we want to be proactive and we want our kids to be safe,” said Ritchie.

Pottsboro ISD hopes to see other Texoma school districts follow suit to keep all students safe.

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