Intoxicated driver runs car into motel swimming pool

Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 6:23 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - A man was arrested for driving while intoxicated after he drove a car into a Denison motel’s swimming pool.

“(It) Went through the wall, come across the grass and into the pool,” said one extended-stay resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

Thursday night, just before midnight, people living at the Texoma Inn say they witnessed something out of the ordinary.

“All I know is, I come out my door and a Cadillac was in the pool,” said Jim Davis of Denison.

“It was insane,” Texoma Inn resident Carli Harris said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. (A) 4-door sedan, just through a brick wall.”

Denison police confirm a man, 30-year-old Chad Boreham, drove a 2006 Cadillac through a brick wall and into the motel’s drained swimming pool.

“Had it been one of these rooms that he landed in, instead of that pool, that could’ve been a lot more dreadful,” Harris said.

Jim Davis says once he saw what had happened, he ran down to help the three people inside.

“All I did was go down there to see if they were hurt and made ‘em sit down till the ambulance got here. That’s about all I did. I feel sorry for them kids. The driver was very intoxicated,” Davis said.

Boreham was arrested for driving while intoxicated, and police are waiting for an official toxicology report from DPS to confirm that he was under the influence and what substance it was.

The two passengers refused EMS treatment and no residents were hurt, but many say they’re still shaken up about what they saw.

“Pay attention to your surroundings, because that was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen, honestly. It was scary to come out and see it. I’m glad there wasn’t water in the pool and I’m grateful that everybody walked away,” Harris said.

Crews began cleanup Friday morning, and say it will take some time before the scene is completely cleared and hope to have the pool back open soon.

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