Denison approves new 66 acre housing development

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 6:26 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Denison city council approved a new housing development at Monday night’s meeting.

“A local developer picked up the property recently and approached the city about wanting to develop it for a single-family residential neighborhood,” said Bill Medina, Denison Senior Planner.

North of Morton Street between Ray Drive and Juanita Drive, what used to be an old farm will become a 66 acre housing development.

“It’s a little bit south of that railroad there so there is a little bit of buffer between the railroad and this new housing development,” said Medina.

The area is split into 3 phases with a total of 215 lots, with 2 existing ponds and usable open space for recreation.

Medina said Denison along with the rest of Texoma is seeing growth, and with that, demand for places to live.

“In our current housing market there is a significant demand for new homes. So hopefully this will satisfy it and help address some of those, some of that market demand that we’re seeing,” said Medina.

With the addition of so many homes, Medina said they will analyze how to maintain the increase in traffic to the area.

“Looking at a development of this size we are gonna require a traffic impact analysis which requires the developer to go ahead and look at the traffic counts,” said Medina.

So as to not disturb nearby residents.

“We are trying to be as sensitive as we can to the existing quiet neighborhood and try to preserve that while also accommodating the developer and their future plans to help grow our city,” said Medina.

Now approved by council, movement should begin soon.

“Hopefully within the next month or so we should be receiving full engineered plans as well as a plat and tree preservation plan and things of that sort,” said Medina.

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