Man arrested in Denison after stealing car in Durant, leading police on chase

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 10:39 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Denison Police arrested a man who is accused of stealing a car from Durant gas station and leading police on a high speed chase.

Colbert Police said Brett Wells drove the car, a Ford Mustang, out of the gas station towards Caddo and Atoka County before leading police on a high speed chase back south through Colbert, over the Red River when the car broke down along Highway 69-75 in Denison.

“When he was driving into Calera the vehicle was driving with its headlights off,” said Colbert Police Chief David Petersen. “They turned the headlights and taillights off. They were passing cars on the shoulder, driving in between lanes very recklessly.”

Petersen said when Wells made his way through Colbert one of his officer clocked his speed at 124 mph near Hwy. 69 southbound and Platter Cutoff Road. As Wells made his way towards Covey Lane, Petersen clocked him going 149 mph as he drove south towards the Red River.

“He got off at the Dave’s Skii and Tackle exit in Denison,” Petersen said. “He drove around the parking lot, Denison police attempted to apprehend the vehicle. He got away from them and got back on Highway 69-75 southbound, the vehicle again blacked his headlights out and attempted to merge from the highway onto the access road near exit 70.”

Jack Derschweiler works at Dave’s Skii and Tackle and said Wells pulled up to pump six during the chase and tried coming inside the store when officers arrived.

“At first it was some guy walking in and then we saw the cop and (Wells) took off,” Derschweiler said. “(Wells) came around and the cop got out of his car pulled out his taser and tried to taser him but he missed and (Wells) got in his car rolled up his window and the cops hit it five or six times and he finally smashed it.”

But Wells managed to get away just moments before Colbert Police arrived on scene.

With several departments in pursuit, Petersen said Wells swerved through lanes, driving on the shoulder of the highway with no headlights or taillights before ditching the Mustang and running into a field just before Exit 70 in Denison when Peterson cut him off in his patrol car.

“He ended up breaking the vehicle, the driver exited the vehicle and took off towards a field,” Petersen said. “We chased (Wells) and had to drive through a fence.”

Petersen said Wells became combative when he and his officers approached him.

“He kind of squared up, there was a short struggle, he was placed onto the ground and held on the ground until more officers arrived and placed him in handcuffs,” Petersen said.

The stolen mustang burst into flames in a ditch near exit 70 in Denison. All after Petersen put Wells under arrest.

Wells had outstanding felony warrants out of Cooke County for assault and evading arrest.

This high speed pursuit tacked on two more counts of evading arrest, and theft of property between $30 and $150 thousand.

The fence he drove through has since been repaired.

Wells is in the Grayson County Jail and his bond has not been set.

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