A+ Athlete: Jaden Nelson, Bells

A+ Athlete: Jaden Nelson, Bells
Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 4:01 PM CDT
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BELLS, Texas (KXII) -This week’s A+ Athlete is Jaden Nelson from Bells High School.

Jaden has a 4.0 GPA, is ranked 6th in his class, and scored a 26 on his ACT. He is also a leader in the school’s FCA program, is a class officer and a BETA member.

”If you don’t strive to be great at something then you’ll never be great at something,” Nelson said. “It’s the same in the classroom. If I don’t strive to be the best I can be everyday, then I’ll never be the best I can be. On the field or on the court, if I dont strive to be the best then people are going to pass me an be better. I want to be best there is at anything.”

”He is an outstanding student. Very well organized, always on top of his work, always gets things in early. He is an awesome leader as well,” said Pam Neal, Bells history teacher. “He is one of those students and friends that everyone can count on, that everyone can go to. If they’re having some kind of difficulty, he’s always willing to help, always there.”

Jaden is multi-sport athlete at Bells. He plays linebacker for the Panthers football team. He’s earned the nickname “Rev” for is role in praying for the team before every game and leading the team’s FCA group. Jaden has been a member of the varsity basketball, and track teams for the last two years.

”He’s a servant leader. By definition, that’s what he is. He does a lot of things for the benefit of others and doesn’t care who gets the glory for it,” said Dale West, Bell head football coach. “That’s the way we lives his daily life in school and athletics. He takes care of his stuff in the classroom. He makes sure that’s his first priority and then puts all the extra work in out here to make sure he’s the best player he can be. His work ethic is second to none.”

”You’re going to struggle in life and the thing is you have to be able to bounce back,” said Nelson. “So in academics where I may not be doing the best in a class, it’s the fact that I can bounce back and I can do better on the next test. Same way on the field. If I get knocked down, if I get hit really hard< I got to bounce back and hit harder the next play.”

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