How Chad Rogers became a “Good Dude”

How Chad Rogers became a "Good Dude"
Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 10:54 PM CDT
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TIOGA, Texas (KXII) -At the start of two-a-day practices, Tioga quarterback Logan Westbrook described his new head coach, Chad Rogers, as simply a “good dude.”

”He brought in a bunch of new ideas that we like and we’re adjusting to it very well. He’s a good dude,” said Westbrook.

Now, that simple complement has become a calling card.

“Everybody made a joke about it and so we all started saying it,” said Westbrook. “He says it quite a bit.”

“Got a good chuckle out of it and the coaches started laughing and giving me a hard time about it,” said Chad Rogers, Tioga head coach. “Then the kids took off with it I walk in the library and they all say there goes a good dude. I’ve been called a lot worse so I think it’s pretty cool.”

As the “good dude” phrase began to take off, Westbrook even had a special t-shirt made for his coach, which Rogers displayed proudly after Tioga’s win over Collinsville.

“Well everybody started talking about it a lot and saying how he was a good dude,” said Westbrook. “So I decided to give him a shirt.”

“You know it’s pretty neat. We got a good chemistry with our team and our coaches,” said Rogers. “I think that’s part of it. You’ve got to embrace the community and you’ve got to embrace your kids. Like I said we have good kids and we have a lot of fun.”

As the “good dude” looks to turn Bulldogs football into and good program and more, he believes he has the right group of guys to make that happen.

“It’s neat the way these kids have bought in to what we’re trying to accomplish and how much they believe in their coaches. We’ve got a great coaching staff,,” said Rogers. “I maybe one good dude but there’s a bunch of good dudes on this staff.”

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