Some Thanksgiving items could be missing from this years dinner table

Published: Nov. 16, 2021 at 10:15 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - If you haven’t already started getting your Thanksgiving grocery shopping done, you might want to start soon.

Due to supply chain issues, local businesses are still waiting for their items to come in, to sell to their customers.

“It’s very pressured, we just sit and hope and pray everything gets here on time so we can get these items made on schedule,” Office Manager, Natalie Neff said.

Workers at Yahoo Baking Company said they are waiting and praying for their items to arrive as they have been placed on backorder for weeks now.

Neff said a lot of their products are sitting on boats overseas.

“Now we are hitting deadlines where things we are suppose to have our orders completed right now and we still got a couple weeks out before we can get them out and of course just like any business during the holiday season, you either have your products or your don’t so our companies that buy from us they don’t have a sale if they don’t have our products,” Neff said.

News 12 caught up with Texomans getting their Holiday shopping done before shelves become bare.

One shopper said she will have to make multiple trips to the store this year.

“They are starting to become a little bit bare,” Holiday Shopper, Sylvia Gaines said,

While others weren’t worried about getting all of their ingredients, but more so the cost.

“Everything has gone up, everything is higher,” Holiday Shopper, Randall and Pat Shaffer said.

Randall and Pat Shaffer said they have to budget their groceries a lot more now than they use to.

“FIxed income like we are on, we have to budget a lot more than we are use to but we’ll make it,” Randall Shaffer said.

Neff said her business has also seen a 12 to 15% increase when purchasing their products for their bakery.

She said although the products they sell have gone up by 2%, it’s nothing like how much they are having to pay.

She said that’s not the main worry, but instead just making sure their items arrive on time.

“As far as the holiday season goes, if we can not provide the items by thanksgiving the orders are cancelled,” Neff said.

Neff said waiting on their backordered items isn’t the only thing they are struggling with, they are also struggling with trying to find workers once the items arrive to make sure they can make and prepare everything in time to send it out to their customers.

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