Texoma boy completes challenge to mow 50 yards for free

Published: Nov. 21, 2021 at 8:43 PM CST
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COLBERT, Oklahoma (KXII) - After six months of hard work, 12-year-old Noah Taylor is revving up his engine one last time for the 50-yard challenge.

“It feels like I really accomplished something, you know, and it feels great to be helping out this much,” said Taylor.

He took on the Raising Men Lawn Care Service’s challenge back in May to mow 50 yards.

“It teaches you a lot of responsibility,” said Taylor.

He did every lawn for someone who needed and deserved it the most, like veterans and elderly neighbors.

“It’s a lot of repetitiveness and a lot of work, and once you put it in, you are really happy,” said Taylor.

And he did it all for free.

“He would go put gas in everything, and he would go and get it finished, and you don’t get anything other than the satisfaction of knowing you helped somebody that really needed the help,” said Karena Smith, Noah Taylor’s mom.

As he cut his final blades of grass, his family cheered him on, even over the familiar hum of the mower’s engine.

“He missed a lot of football, a lot of sleeping in, a lot of fun stuff on weekends that he didn’t get to go do,” said Smith.

“So, yeah, we are really, really proud. He’s a very determined, selfless kid.”

And while it’s his final yard in the challenge, it certainly won’t be his last.

Up next, he says, is a business, and he might just do an additional 50 free lawns to keep on giving back yard after yard.

Raising Men Lawn Care Service said they gift anyone who completes the 50-yard challenge with a brand new mower, weed eater, and blower, and they will come cut a yard with you too.

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