Plumbers flushed with calls on Brown Friday

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 7:02 PM CST
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - For most people the day after thanksgiving is a day for relaxing with families or rushing out to find the best deals at their local retailers but plumbers don’t have that luxury.

The day after thanksgiving only means one thing to them: Brown Friday.

“People come in and visiting and then leaving and all the stuff they leave behind,” said Ardmore Service Plumbing Co. plumber Cody Evans.

This is the second Brown Friday that Evans has worked as a plumber and he says that he knows what to expect on the last Friday of November and that is a full day of house calls.

“Its definitely heavier the day after Thanksgiving,” Evans said of his schedule.

According to Evans he’ll respond to far more calls on Friday than he will almost any other day of the year.

And he has noticed that most of the calls he responds to are having similar issues usually caused by similar things.

“Flushing paper towels, wipes, sinks, grease you know all the grease from cooking,” Evans said.

Evans’ advice for how to keep from needing a Brown Friday call of your own can be boiled down to one thing; watch what goes down your drain.

That includes while you prepare your meal, clean up after your meal, and even use the bathroom later in the day.

“Maybe not flush so much toilet paper and throw your grease outside the house where you don’t want weeds growing,” Evans said.

He also says there are ways that you can treat certain kitchen mistakes to avoid calling a plumber.

If you do pour grease down your drain Evans recommends using very hot water to liquify an grease that may have solidified as well as a little bit of dish soap to loosen anything that may be stuck to the walls of your pipes.

Following these tips could save you from a Brown Friday of your own next year.

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