Elves Christmas Tree Farm open for the holidays

Published: Nov. 27, 2021 at 7:01 PM CST
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - It’s Christmastime here in Texoma and one local tree farm is excited to be back in business for the holidays.

“Just seeing the families and the smiles on peoples faces and stuff, it gives me a renewal in the season of what it really means,” Co-owner of Elves Christmas Tree Farm Marshall Cathey said.

Elves Christmas Tree Farm has been in business for 35 years, and this year is no different when welcoming visitors.

“We usually have a fake tree but this year we decided that we were kinda done with that and wanted to try something new and decided to come up here and look at the real Christmas trees and decided to pick one out and find one that we could take back home with us,” First Time Tree Picker Scott Meentemeyer said.

The Meentemeyer family said this is a new tradition that they look forward to doing every year.

“Deciding oh my god that’s nice, oh that’s too green, oh that has a hole in it, it’s kinda like new puppies, oh my gosh that one is so cute but then this one is more playful you know that’s what’s so fun about it, different shapes and sizes and what goes with your home,” Lisa Meentemeyer said.

Families are able to pick from imported pre cut trees or go on a hayride into their 25 acre tree patch and cut down your own.

Although the farm hasn’t seen a shortage in trees, Cathey said the demand has increased.

The Rosckes family from Mansfield, TX drove all the way up to make new holiday memories.

“It’s awesome to see all these trees, get out of the neighborhood and see all these beautiful trees and see all the different sizes, I just love the nature,” First Time Tree Picker Julianna Rosckes said.

Almost 1,000 trees were tagged this year and hundreds delivered from across the country.

One tree will be cut down Sunday and taken to Austin for the State Capitol to enjoy.

“If you go down pretty much in December you’ll see about a 25 foot tree standing in the House of Representatives and it comes from Denison, TX,” Cathey said.

Cutting down the family Christmas tree, a tradition embraced through generations.

“It was a family tradition when I was a kid so I just make him do it now, yeah so we are carrying it on,” Tree Pickers, Cyler Matlock and Kelly Paxton said.

The farm opened Friday and will remain open until they sell out of this season’s trees.

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