Major case breakthrough in disappearance of Molly Miller, Colt Haynes

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 11:04 PM CST
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LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - A search warrant is pending in Love County. Investigators hope it could hold the answers to where Molly Miller and Colt Haynes are and have been for the past eight years.

Private investigator Philip Klein said a probable cause affidavit was submitted to the judge Monday for a property on Pike Road in the county. It’s close to where Molly and Colt were last seen alive, but part of it was never searched.

“It’s time to bring this to an end and it’s time to bring Molly and Colt home,” said Klein.

Klein Investigations was hired by Molly Miller’s family 7 years ago - a year after Miller and Haynes went missing.

Monday afternoon they announced a search warrant was pending for a property on Lane Road, near where Miller and Haynes were last seen.

“It’s one little area that to be honest with you we were told it had been searched, but had not been searched. We were within 600 yards when we did the dig about 2-3 years ago.” (Klein)

Klein said a couple years ago, all of the case’s investigators and law enforcement agencies combined their findings to submit this search warrant.

“They have been able to put together a very good timeline. They’ve done a great job there I mean I can’t tell you how exciting it is when you get everybody working together,” said Klein.

The FBI opened their case this year, on the 7th anniversary of their disappearance.

“We think the general public needs to know A we’re still working on this and B this is a huge break,” said Klein.

Right now, Klein won’t give an update on James “Conn” Nipp, the man allegedly last seen with Miller and Haynes, in fear of affecting the integrity of the case.

“There are some other things that are involved in the search warrant that you can read about when it’s released, if or when the judge signs it and if or when the district attorney accepts it from law enforcement, which I believe he will. I believe he’ll do it,” said Klein.

It’s taken years of hard work and teamwork to get to this point, and Klein knows it’s only the beginning.

“I just pray that this brings 7 years of hell to a close and calm. Now let’s prosecute the people that did this,” said Klein.

If this search warrant is signed by the judge, tribal police will have to review it, since the property is on tribal land.

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