Healdton woman wins free heater 24 hours after hers breaks down

Jessica Shannon of Healdton, Oklahoma receives a free heating unit just 24 hours after hers...
Jessica Shannon of Healdton, Oklahoma receives a free heating unit just 24 hours after hers broke down.(Kemper Ball)
Published: Jan. 11, 2022 at 4:51 PM CST
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HEALDTON, Okla. (KXII) - > On Monday Jessica Shannon and her two children woke to a freezing house and a broken heater. 24 hours later they received a knock on their door that left her stunned and their house warm.

“Stress, shock, what do we do now,” wondered Shannon. “I have two little boys I’m a newly single mom so its like now where do we go from this?”

On her way to work Tuesday Shannon got a call from Hunter Super Techs.

They said she was a finalist for their Gift of Heat heater giveaway and they would need to do a second inspection.

Little did she know she had already won.

“Just our way of giving back to the community and putting a little compassion in kind of a cold world,” said Hunter Super Tech’s Ardmore operations manager Logan Townley.

She opened her door Tuesday morning ready for the inspection but what she got was a brand new $7,500 heating unit and full team ready to install it.

“Definitely blew my mind, that’s not what I was expecting at all,” Shannon said.

Shannon was nominated for this giveaway by friends in the community and was selected from a group of nearly 40 nominees.

For the technicians this annual giveaway gives them a chance to make a major impact on a local family.

“Its a costly thing and it is crucial to being able to survive,” Townley said. “So its just such a heartwarming experience.”

The installation didn’t take long but its impact will stay with Shannon and her children for years.

“I don’t know if its as big to them as it is to us but for me and the boys its super helpful, beyond helpful,” Shannon said. “Because I don’t have all that money to just dish out for a whole new unit.” (Jessica)

Technicians from Hunter Super Tech said that this unit should save Shannon thousands of dollars in utility bills and keep her home warm for over a decade.

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