Bonham man helping in relief of Colorado wildfires

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 5:51 PM CST
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BONHAM, Texas (KXII) - A Bonham man is part of a four person crew headed to Boulder, Colorado Thursday to help people whose homes were damaged as a result of last week’s wildfires.

“We’re going to go up and sift through all that for them and see if we can find their valuables for them,” said Monte Furrh, a member of Boyd Baptist Church which is part of the Southern Baptist Texas Convention. “Not only that, we get to share the word of Jesus Christ with them too while we’re there.”

Wildfires charred entire neighborhoods in Boulder County last week which offcials said caused at least $513 million in damages.

For Furrh, he said helping out in disaster relief has become his “niche.”

“They’re glad that we’re there to help, but the bad part is when you have to put everything they own out on the curb for the trash to pick up,” Furrh said. “I mean everything.”

Furrh’s first trip to help in disaster relief was to Louisiana in 2005to help with clean up from Hurricane Katrina. Since then he’s also been to Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico as well as several trips to Lousiana, South Texas and North Carolina.

Furrh said relief officials contact the Southern Baptist Texas Convention state director and puts the word out to get volunteers for trips to impacted areas.

“We pull up in the neighborhood and say ‘can we help’ ‘what do y’all charge?’ we say it’s already been paid for. ‘You mean FEMA paid for it?’ No Jesus Christ paid for it,” Furrh said.

Furrh said the team of volunteers try their best to clean up whatever debris there is and he plans to continue to help out in times of natural disasters for the Convention as long as he’s healthy.

“I’ll listen to the homeowners talk and try and be compassionate to them because they’re going through quite a bit,” Furrh said. “Hopefully they can do some good and let them share what they went through. Just sitting and listening to them is a lot, but we pray with them. That’s really all we can do.”

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