Oklahoma sees record numbers of COVID cases over the weekend

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 6:30 PM CST
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Oklahoma saw more cases reported in a single day this weekend than any day since the pandemic started.

Carter County is following the trend-In one week, the county’s active COVID cases have tripled.

Chris Munn with the Oklahoma State Department of Health said they haven’t seen cases rise this quickly since August.

“Like the numbers show, we’re having exponential growth,” Munn said. “And that’s due to, we’re having a lot of holiday gatherings which are typically inside, and then a lot of travel, holiday travel. And then the new Omicron variant, which is transmitted a lot more easily than previous variants.”

Munn said the health department believes the number of reported cases is a pretty accurate reflection of how many people are sick.

“We’re seeing more testing than we’ve ever seen before,” Munn said.

Munn said epidemiologists at the state department and at universities use models and case numbers to measure how fast the variants spread and predict when the state will most likely hit peak numbers for infections.

“Most are saying probably in Oklahoma we’re getting close to the peak,” Munn said. “I don’t know that we’re there yet, but hopefully we are very close to the peak where we can get on the downhill side of this.”

Munn said along with cases, the number of people who are vaccinated is also rising.

“We’re seeing more people come in for boosters as well as more people coming in for a first shot or a second shot,” Munn said.

Munn said statewide, the Omicron variant dominates the number of cases the health department is seeing, around 80 percent. Meanwhile in Carter County and the rest of District 8, the Delta variant still makes up half of the cases.

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