Historical Marker meeting held on MLK Jr.’s Birthday

Published: Jan. 15, 2022 at 7:39 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Family members of George Hughes and members of the historical marker for the 1930 Sherman Riot gathered to educate the community on the facts of history on Saturday.

The event took place at the Sherman Public Library where a panel of speakers discussed the events that took place on May 9th, 91 years ago.

" They lost so much in the 1930s, when you take a whole communities finances away and then you don’t only take it away from them but from their children and grandchildren,” said Melissa Thiel, chair person for 1930 Sherman Riot. “This had a profound affect on the black community and our community as a whole but especially the black community.”

On may 9th, 1930, George Hughes of Sherman, died after suffocating in Grayson County Court House during a fire that had been cause by a mob. His body was then dragged by a car through town, mutilated, hanged and burned.

Now almost a century later, the community is fighting for a historical marker to remember this day.

“It’s a wonderful thing, it’s well overdue,” said Derrick Hughes the great, great nephew of George. “The support is overwhelming, we have a lot of family members here but the community where it actually happened is a wonderful to come out and be apart of.”

On February 2nd, the committee will find out from the Texas Historical Commission if they have been chosen as a marker. They are one of 64 committees seeking approval by the Texas Historical Commission.

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