Cartwright family loses home in fire

Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 3:56 PM CST
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CARTWRIGHT, Okla. (KXII) - A Cartwright family lost their home and nearly everything they own after an electrical fire broke out inside Sunday morning.

“My daughter Paytin woke up and said ‘there’s a fire’ and I come in and there’s flames going up the wall,” said Elizabeth Bridges who lived in the home on the 200 block of Sand Creek Road near Platter Dike Road.

The plug of electrical oil heater got too hot and spread a fire up a wall and throughout the home, burning nearly everything they owned.

“It was scary,” Bridges said. “You just think about your kids and your animals and getting everybody out. At least if you weren’t able to save what’s in there you were able to save the important pieces.”

The fire even burned one of their cats alive.

Bridges’ husband, a Bryan County Sheriff’s Deputy, lost his uniforms and all his service weapons and she lost her father’s ashes.

“We had guns in the home, my husband’s oldest children had .22′s from when they were kids and when they moved out they gave the .22′s to the kids and my oldest just had a baby and we were going to give that little pink .22 to her daughter and it’s gone now,” Bridges said.

Bridges says their family is staying in hotel courtesy of the Red Cross and the family is working to set up a camper to live in for the time being.

She said strangers have already stopped by with clothes and more for their children.

Her sister has set up a GoFundMe and her daughter in law has set up a CashApp donation.

“I’m trying to make sure my kids understand that it was just stuff because we got them,” Bridges said.

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