Travel agencies seeing rise in clients since even with constant Covid changes

Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 10:45 PM CST
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Rules and regulations in travel, domestic or international, are constantly changing due to Covid rules. Leaving travel advisors busier than ever.

“95% of our reservations canceled so we actually had no income for a whole year,” Owner of Gateway Travel Christy Wagnitz said.

When the pandemic first hit the United States, 22 months ago, it crippled many travel agencies.

“I mean the CDC guidelines but then every airline every hotel you know cruise line has their own set of guidelines and safety guidelines,” Wagnitz said.

In fact, Wagnitz said she survived by relying mainly on the government’s COVID protection payment plan.

“People definitely felt more comfortable staying in the United States they were looking for something different to do we saw a lot of the national parks definitely were a big request,” Wagnitz said.

“For a year we did the national parks, we did road trips and we loved all of that but we just like more of the travel more of the packages that kind of thing,” Veteran Traveler Serena Owens said.

Owens is a veteran traveler and had to cancel 3 trips when the pandemic first hit.

Now, she’s back out and traveling.

“Well number one we love to travel, number two we are retired and that’s one of the things on our bucket list was to do more traveling and I think at some point we have to know we are doing the best we are doing to get through this pandemic but I don’t think sitting inside our home is the answer,” Owens said.

Owens said booking through a travel advisor is more important now than ever before as Covid guidelines changing.

Something Wagnitz has gone through is having clients test positive when in foreign countries.

“To just walk them through it and communicate with their family here back home you know that they were safe and everything was okay so it was just coming to their aid and helping them communicate,” Wagnitz said.

Wagnitz said with the new variant she’s seen a small number of cancellations, but has a feeling travelers will be booking again soon.

“I encourage everyone who has a passion to travel when they’re comfortable to definitely move forward, travel advisors are there to help you navigate things the difficult times like this and not everybody is ready but when you are ready and comfortable go for it,” Wagnitz said.

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