Texas ranks 4th lowest state with average gas prices in America

Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 9:39 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Less than 24 hours ago Texas had the lowest average gas prices, now 3 cents later, it’s ranked 4th lowest.

Texas is normally ranked in the top 10 lowest states for average gas prices in America due to the proximity in the oil and gas industry, lower taxes and fees in the state and lower distribution cost.

Right now, the Average gas in Texas is $2.99.

“Oh my gosh they are tremendously ridiculous they are high they are making it so hard to live now it’s like how are we going to get back and forth to where we’re going you know it’s like everything is going up and prices just gettin higher and higher we are probably going to be on bicycles pretty soon or golf carts,” Denison driver Amanda Collins said.

Gas prices in America are climbing day by day with a current national average of 3.32.

But Texas ranks 4th lowest state in America with average gas prices, Oklahoma right behind them at number five.

“It can change everyday we update our averages daily they are set based on sale transaction credit card receipts at the actual retailer then that’s reporter to the company that does all of our tracking,” Spokesperson for AAA Texas Daniel Armbruster said.

Armbruster said it’s only going to keep climbing as demand for travel continues.

“We are already seeing the prices increase just due to the fact that the world is waking up from Covid-19 there’s demand for crude oil growing across the globe and of course as that happens the price of crude oil is going up and with it the price of everything that is made for crude that is gasoline,” Armbruster said.

Like many Americans, Amanda Collins is not a fan of the gas prices and was shocked to hear that Texas was averaging one of the lowest.

“Well that’s a surprise you know that’s like “whoo” but just let it keep getting lower and lower and we’ll be on time,” Collins said.

America is currently running on winter blend gas which is cheaper to produce than spring and summer blend gas.

Armbruster said with the switch in a couple of months, prices will only continue to increase.

“All I can do is pray all you got to do is stay on that bended knee and pray and ask the Lord to help us and guide us through this. I just pray that this cold weather go away and Covid-19 go completely away and don’t ever return and these prices just drop and make it easy for everybody to like know make it you know,” Collins said.

Daniel Armbruster said maintaining your car according to the manufacturer recommendations, avoiding quick accelerations, slowing down and driving the speed limit, and removing any extra items that can weigh your car down could help you save on fuel.

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