Solar development company eyeing land in Southmayd

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 10:36 PM CST
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SOUTHMAYD, Texas (KXII) - Another solar farm could be making it’s way to Grayson County, this one in Southmayd.

Galactic Energy first approached the S&S CISD school board back in the spring about the idea of a 1750 acre solar farm being placed within the bounds of their tax district, on Southmayd Rd and Wrangler Rd.

The company said they like Southmayd because of the land that’s available there.

But some people already living in the town, are not open to new neighbors.

“I could not believe that I was gonna lose the beauty that I have that I go by everyday,” Southmayd Resident Cynthia Vrla said.

Galactic Energy, or UKA North America, is a solar development company that is eyeing land in Southmayd.

“The first contact was probably in the spring you know when Galactic or UKA North America first reached out to us and asked us that question, if we would give it consideration,” Superintendent of S&S CISD Roger Reed said.

But some people living in Southmayd and even some S&S CISD members felt like they were out of the loop on the decision to entertain this idea.

“I know the school district needs money, I’m all for them getting the money that they need, I was not against the school bond, they need that money but there gotta be a different away to go about it than bombarding the residents of Grayson County and in the S&S school district and taking away land that we all love around here,” Vrla said.

Vrla said she has had family living in this area for over a decade.

She believes she is not the only one against the 1750 acres of land being developed for a solar farm.

“They wouldn’t want it and I can guarantee you they wouldn’t want it and we don’t want it,” Vrla said.

The school board voted to take the solar farm, and the tax breaks they want for moving to the area, into consideration at their August meeting.

The superintendent said as part of the company’s application for the tax agreements, the district received $75,000.

On Monday, they opened the matter up for public comment for the first time.

“Felt like we needed to do due diligence on this and lets see it doesn’t cost us anything to find out how this would financially impact the district so that’s kinda where we are,” Reed said.

A few people took to the table to speak against the idea, nobody spoke for it.

Vrla said her husband has even thought about creating a petition against the solar farm to give to the school board.

“I just hope that Mr. Reed and the board will reconsider their thoughts on this and look at the scheme of things and realize that it’s a quick fix for them but in the long run it’s not, it’s not good,” Vrla said.

The superintendent said it will take the school board a few weeks and maybe even months to come up with a complete draft of an agreement to be presented to the board for action but will keep everybody informed.

If approved, the school district is aiming for a tax payment of $1.2 million, and after that, about $91,000 a year.

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