Midway Mall sold to Florida-based developer, store owner reacts

Published: Mar. 28, 2022 at 10:44 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Big news for Texoma, Midway Mall has been sold to a new developer. A store owner shares their hope for the mall’s future.

“We’re a destination store so it helps a lot, but we are losing traffic all the time,” said Bill Pasch, owner of Mish Mash.

Pasch has owned Mish Mash in Midway Mall for nearly a decade.

“When Bath & Body left, they brought a lot of customers with them, a lot of our traffic flow that we didn’t have to advertise for. Now we have to go out and bring people in,” said Pasch.

Earlier this month, previous Mall owner Friedman Real Estate finalized the sale of the 530,000 square foot property. Pasch said he and other shop owners are excited for the new ownership, Florida-based Mustard Street Management.

“He came around and personally met each one of us and told us his plans. And now there’s optimism,” said Pasch.

Pasch said owner Ted Filer informed store owners they would first bring heat and air conditioning back to the mall hallways, something they haven’t had in years.

“And then he’s going to bring heat and air back into our stores, and try to bring in more retail. There’s talk of 3 stores coming back,” said Pasch.

The most notable change...

“He wants to turn some of the larger stores in the back of the mall into climate controlled storages,” said Pasch.

Pasch said the new ownership means more stability, that makes him and the rest want to put money back into their stores.

“Our future was kind of clouded with the mall always being up for sale and you don’t know what the new owners are going to do. But now I can go ahead and change my light bulbs and put in some new ones. And I feel confident that we have a good future here,” said Pasch.

KXII reached out to Ted Filer for comment but didn’t hear back.

“Midway Mall is not closed. It’ll be a better place to shop, just like the old days,” said Pasch.

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