Former pastor of local church headed to Poland to help refugees

Published: Apr. 8, 2022 at 5:48 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - A former Texoma church’s pastor is headed to Poland to give his time and love to Ukrainian refugees.

“We need to help those in our backyard, I mean there are people in need right here. And that’s true there is. And we help them. And there are people all over the world,” said Reverend Doctor Jim Bowden.

Reverend Bowden recently retired after 35 years of pastoral ministry in North Texas. 7 of those years he spent as pastor of Waples Memorial United Methodist Church in Denison.

“I just have always felt a very strong calling to go where God sends me,” said Bowden.

When the war in Ukraine began, he felt a calling to help in the best way he knows.

“There’s nothing holding you back, you don’t have any prohibitions, no restrictions, you’re in relatively good health, and you’re retired. Just go!” said Bowden.

His call to ministry has led him all over the world to places like Czech Republic, Kenya, Israel and South Korea, but never to a place in an active war. Just waiting on his passport, Bowden plans to leave at the start of May.

“In one word, love. I want to put those little teddy bears into the arms of children. I’ll fill up bowls of soup, I’ll hand out bread. I do know I’ll work tirelessly to help feed people mind, body, soul and spirit,” said Bowden.

Church communities across North Texas, including Waples have given money and donations of supplies for the refugees.

“You stand with people in the greatest, most joyful times of their lives, but you also walk through hell with them,” said Bowden.

He plans to have a website and daily blog to share his experiences. Any donations to be given directly to refugees in Poland can be delivered to Waples Church in Denison, in Reverend Bowden’s name.

“It’ll just be a drop in the ocean, but it’ll be a drop nonetheless,” said Bowden.

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