A+ Athlete: Haily Bass, Callisburg

This week’s A+ Athlete is Haily Bass of Callisburg High School.
Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 2:05 PM CDT
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CALLISBURG, Texas (KXII) - This week’s A+ Athlete is Haily Bass of Callisburg High School.

Haily is the top ranked student in her class. She is a collegiate academy student, on the A honor roll, a member of national honors society and has received the President’s award. She is a UIL qualifier for Editorial Writing and is taking several dual enrollment classes. She is very involved in her church and a member of student council. Anatomy and Physiology is a special interest to this A+ Athlete.

“She is super dedicated to understanding how the body works and why it does what it does,” science teacher Courtney Kiser said. “She is a dedicated runner. I know she has power-points made for her running. She likes to know the kinetics of it.”

“I do the extra study hours, I do the extra credit,” Bass said. “I’m not someone who can naturally just take a test, photo memory. I am the one that does the three hour studying. I’m up late at night studying or go to the teachers for help. I just know that if I want something, I have to put in the extra effort.”

Haily is a dedicated track and field athlete. She is a state qualifier in the 400 meter dash. She also qualified for state in cross country. Haily also plays basketball for the Lady Cats. Dedication is a huge part of what makes Haily go.

“She is so intrinsically motivated,” track coach Morgan Roberson said. “She has a desire in her heart to be the best at whatever it is. Even if it is something she feels that she is not the best at, she is going to give her best.”

“I always push myself,” Bass said. “My motto for myself is ‘be the best version of me’. It sounds cringy, but I want to change the world. If that takes one person at a time and me being the best version of me. Also I want to take time to love myself and do what I want to do, so I can impact others. Why not do it all? It pushes myself. I like a challenge.”

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