Boyfriend of murdered Sherman mother arrested for her homicide

Published: May. 10, 2022 at 10:26 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -The body of Sherman mother Emily Rogers is now back in Texas after she was reported missing, and later found dead in Wisconsin last week.

Milwaukee Police have charged the former boyfriend of Rogers with reckless homicide and hiding a corpse.

Rogers grew up in Texoma, her parents Ammie Lyde and Terry Rogers want people to know she was loved.

Rogers’ parents and friends said her relationship with Nicholas Matzen, 35, was volatile, and sometimes violent.

Prosecutors in Milwaukee said Matzen told two people Emily was trying to leave him and he “lost it” and strangled her.

Court documents say Matzen was arrested April 17th on a parole violation, he was released ten days later.

A friend told investigators Emily had confided in her that she was planning to break up with Matzen that day.

“Her life was cut short and she had other things to do like she could have gone on and help other people and maybe she can still help other people raise awareness for domestic violence,” Lyde said.

Lyde said she became concerned for her daughter’s safety when one of Emily’s friends living in Milwaukee asked if she’d heard from her recently, her heart sank when she checked social media.

“A 23-year-old you know they live on their phones so when they’re not active on social media for two days that sends off all kinds of bells,” Lyde said.

Matzen and Rogers had a 15-month-old baby together, Katie, who was reported missing with her mother on May 1st but was found safe and reunited with Emily’s parents the next day.

“I had to do something, I had to look for my daughter,” Lyde said.

Emily’s parents traveled from Texas to Wisconsin to join search parties.

“I told the cop I said you just don’t know how happy you just made us man I said you just made me the happiest grandfather-man on this planet,” Rogers said

“I have a piece of my daughter and I will always have a piece of my daughter and no one can take her away from me,” Lyde said.

Emily’s body was found four days later, last Thursday, in an industrial park in Milwaukee.

“That was the most devastating news you could ever have, you can prepare yourself for the worst all you want, but until that day comes and they tell you that your child isn’t coming home there’s no preparing for it, you can prepare for it all you want but once that cold hard reality hits you, you just go numb,” Rogers said.

Rogers’ parents said they didn’t know the type of relationship she was in until after she went missing.

“Whether it’s a male or a female being abused get out, get away learn something from this that it can happen to you, get away,” Lyde said.

A criminal complaint says one other person helped hide Roger’s body, but no one else has been charged yet.

“Any kind of dynamic change within the 6 month time period can greatly increase risk at the hands of an offenders and abuse looks so different which is why victims know their offenders best,” said Program Coordinator at Grayson Crisis Center Heather Mahaffey said. “So many victims when they reach out, will reach out and say this is what’s going on and this is what I’m worried about and they want somebody to safety plan with them how to stay safe where they are until they can get out.”

Matzen’s bond is set at $500,00.

Emily’s funeral will be Monday afternoon at 2p.m. at Trinity Baptist Church in Sherman.

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