The TI Effect: Here comes the (population) boom

Published: May. 19, 2022 at 6:36 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Texas Instruments’ decision to break ground on its newest 30-billion-dollar facility in Sherman will have ripple effects for years to come, maybe even reshape Sherman history.

There’s still a lot of unknown about how a $30 billion deal will transform Sherman, but one side effect city officials said the community is already seeing is growth, growth, and more growth.

More specifically, a population boom.

“We’ve always said that Sherman is going to hit a growth spurt, and we’ve always heard that, but we never really believed it, maybe,” said Sherman Mayor David Plyler. “But now we see that it’s a reality.”

Rural Sherman, Texas, is home to 50,000 people, at least for now.

“We could easily double those numbers in the next five to ten years,” said Plyler.

TI expects to offer 3,000 new jobs, and almost all of those will be new hires.

The city said other businesses are following suit.

And more jobs equal more people.

In the next five years alone, Sherman could welcome 10,000 people.

“What we have is a mix of folks coming in, a lot of folks coming in from California, of course, for the high tech jobs that our area is generating, and also we get people from the metroplex looking for an easier way of life,” said Plyler.

One of those new neighbors is the Ostertag family.

“We’re building a house,” said Juanita Ostertag. “I hope we’re here for at least a little bit.”

Juanita Ostertag and her husband are moving from a small town outside of Plano but work in Frisco.

“We came out here because we wanted space, and we wanted to be able to build the life that we want, and I could see us doing that here in Sherman,” said Ostertag.

As the population flourishes, the more pressure other entities have to grow with it.

“We want to be proactive,” said Dr. Tyson Bennett, the Sherman ISD superintendent. We don’t want to wait until the students are already here, and now we’re planning for growth, dealing with capacity issues. “So, we’re already planning along the way to make sure we’re not behind on this process.”

Sherman ISD predicts they’ll hit 10,000 students in ten years, more than 2,000 from where they are now.

“We’re looking at the number of teachers we need to hire based on the growth that we’re seeing,” said Dr. Bennett. “Also, we’re looking at our facilities to make sure that we have the capacity to take on additional students to the numbers that we’re seeing.”

Whether residents like it or not, the city said the population boom is here, transforming the demographics of Texoma, even if there are growing pains.

“It’s going to lift our whole area,” said Plyler. “The whole county and even counties just beyond Grayson.”

The city said they’re trying to encourage developments not to build directly off US-75 to spread some of the growth out.

They hope that will make Sherman feel a little different than a typical Dallas suburb and ease some of those growing pains for residents.

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