Ardmore debuts first Story Walk in Regional Park

Updated: May. 19, 2022 at 9:58 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - When the summer weather rolls in it can be be a challenge to get kids to sit down and read a book, which is why the southern Oklahoma library system has brought the books outside to Ardmore regional park for their story walk.

Story walks are a growing phenomenon nationally but its the first to come to Ardmore.

“You take a book and you make it large size and put them in different panels placed across the park,” said Southern Oklahoma Library Systems executive director Gail Oehler.

Oehler says the story walk has been a collaborative effort between the libraries, the parks department and local businesses that helped fund it as well as enlisting southern tech graphic design students who designed the story walks first panel.

“Those students were so gung-ho on designing the panel, which is the opening panel of the book, and they were so good that we chose multiple,” said Oehler. “So we’re going to interchange the opening panel as well so they’ll be featured.”

Oehler says that the day the panels went up kids couldn’t wait to start reading and the feedback from those initial readers was overwhelming.

“The feedback was ‘I’m coming back’ and ‘when are you changing it out’ and ‘when can we come to the library’ and its been really positive feedback from parents and children,” said Oehler.

Books will be selected to match up with upcoming holidays.

The story walk has been so successful that they’re hoping to bring more to Ardmore’s other parks.

“If we can get people out reading and exercising and engaging, that’s our mission,” said Oehler.

Books will be rotated in and out monthly so make sure you keep coming back to see all the stories the story walk has to offer

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