More than 30% Texas vehicle deaths involved speeding

Published: Jun. 7, 2022 at 9:07 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Starting Tuesday, the Texas Department of Transportation is partnering with law enforcement agencies across the state to enforce Operation SlowDown.

In 2021, TXDoT reported a number of fatality vehicle crashes that has not been seen since 1981.

34% of those deaths were speed related.

In TXDoT’s Paris district that includes Grayson, Fannin and Lamar counties, 1,855 traffic crashes were reported that involved speed, 36 were deaths and 166 were serious injuries.

Operation SlowDown is to help reinforce that driving too fast can be dangerous, TXDoT said in addition to writing citations, law enforcement vehicles will spend extra time driving on roads reminding motorists what a safe speed looks like.

“We also know we have a lot of construction, not just here in downtown Denison, but also really across Grayson County so it’s important to stay extra vigilant on the roads and make sure that you are paying attention to any lane changes, go the speed limit, make sure you are paying attention to those signs and just be extra cautious,” said Media Relations Coordinator for Denison Police Department Emily Akins. “Speeding is not only dangerous but it can also be deadly and we know that one fatality accident caused by speeding is one too many.”

Last year in Sherman, there were 87 traffic crashes that involved speeding but no fatalities.

In Denison, 1 fatality was speed related.

TXDoT has three safety tips for motorists to keep in mind.

They said to match your speed to road conditions when bad weather is present, or when driving in a construction zone.

Two, slow down and allow for more distance when roadways are heavy with traffic.

And three, watch for signs saying reduce speed limit to stay alert when the change arrives,

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