Sherman Fire discussing efficient ways to handle non-emergency calls

Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 7:10 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 15, 2022 at 7:34 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -The efficiency of Sherman’s Fire Department was brought up during this year’s city council budget discussion.

One topic of discussion was whether there were more efficient ways to handle non-emergency calls.

Sherman Chief of Police Zachary Flores says “what we know is that people call 911 for a variety of reasons, the simple fact that they called an emergency line doesn’t necessarily mean that what they’re calling about is an emergency.”

A common non-emergency call for Sherman Fire is fall and assist.

“But it’s not actually an emergency situation where someone needs medical attention, so one of the things they’re looking at doing is figuring out, is there a cheaper, better, more efficient way to assist those people”, says City of Sherman Communication Manager Nate Strauch.

The City of Sherman is considering all options.

“Does it make sense to hire some people who aren’t necessarily trained to be paramedics that can go out on some of these calls, is it better to hire a company that [does] EMS calls, does it make sense to bring them in on as needed basis,” adds Strauch.

Whatever route the city takes, Chief Flores ensures all emergency calls will be handled locally.

“We’re going to do that and it’s only going to be Sherman doing that, but if there’s not an emergency issue well then we might look at alternatives on how we respond,” says Flores.

The city of Sherman says they are on the front end of this decision and have not yet drafted a timeline or budget for these changes.

However they do state that they have the tax payer in mind

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