Weekend DUI checkpoints planned in Oklahoma

Updated: Jun. 16, 2022 at 9:59 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Oklahoma drivers are going to want to keep an eye out of law enforcement stops late at night this weekend.

Oklahoma roads might be clear right now but on Friday and Saturday night they’ll be filled with law enforcement looking to crack down on intoxicated drivers.

Its all part of the Oklahoma Highway Patrols ENDUI campaign.

“That campaign is to reduce or completely eliminate the dui collisions that we see every year on Oklahoma roads,” said OHP trooper Eric Foster.

Foster says that DUI related crashes have risen in recent years and includes drivers under the influence of several things beyond just alcohol.

“In Oklahoma 396 people were killed in 2020 due to intoxicated driving,” said Foster.

Part of the campaign is establishing DUI checkpoints like they plan to do on Friday and Saturday night in both Oklahoma and Garvin County.

“Those checkpoints aren’t just arbitrarily placed,” said Foster. “They’re placed in areas where we know that there is a higher probability of intoxicated driving.”

Checkpoints will be set up all over the two counties and they won’t just be manned by OHP troopers.

Local sheriff and police departments will be there to assist.

“The other agencies provide more personnel so that we operate those safely, quickly and to make sure we’re doing things the right way,” said Foster.

The Oklahoma County checkpoints will be set up on Friday night from 11 pm to 2 am and Garvin County will be on Saturday from 11 to 1.

Foster says they give the public advance warning of the checkpoints in an attempt to deter intoxicated people from driving before its too late.

“We get tired of showing up on collisions where there’s an intoxicated driver and innocent people are hurt or even the intoxicated person is hurt,” said Foster. “We’re tired of that, it doesn’t have to happen. These aren’t accidents.”

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