Businesses looking for new ways to attract employees

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 6:34 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -Local Businesses are struggling to fill positions in a market where the demand clearly is outnumbering the supply of working.

So employers are looking for new ways to attract workers.

Businesses are either looking for younger candidates or are raising pay to fill these gaps.

Grayson College’s Director of Outreach and Advising, Marlene Phillips says, “if you’re an employer you really need to be telling your prospective employees when are they going to work, how much are they going to earn because this is truly a decision they’re making for themselves. So you need to make it as enticing as possible.”

With this demand, Grayson College has been seeing an outreach of businesses seeking their help to fill these gaps.

“Multiple employers are calling us every week,” adds Phillips.

And those employers are in need of medical personnel, “certified nurse aids, for phlebotomy tests, for pharmacy technicians, some of those jobs that are required a little bit shorter training period, but a huge need,” says Phillips.

Phillips tells News 12 a factor of this demand is due to COVID-19.

“COVID had a broad effect on the workforce. People needed to stop out of work because they needed to take care of their children, or become their new teachers, or they were just laid off due to COVID,” says Phillips.

This in return forces employers to increase their incentives.

Like Sherman ISD, who is taking extra steps to fill positions for the upcoming school year.

“This year we have a three percent increase on salary, we’re also increasing our hourly wages up to 15 dollars an hour. We want to make sure that we’re super competitive amongst the marketplace,” says Sherman ISD Superintendent, Dr. Tyson Bennett.

And the need for staff may increase to keep up with the demand of our growing population.

“We grew about 250 students last year, we’re looking to grow again this year. Typically we’ve seen over the last 10 years one in a half percent growth. But growth is coming at a greater rate. We’re probably gonna have about a three to four percent push and five percent growth for the next several years,” says Bennett.

Sherman ISD adds that 85 percent of their budget goes toward personnel.

Plus, the district is expected to grow to nine-thousand students in a span of five years and ten-thousand students in ten years.

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