Andy Cumberledge appointed sheriff of Love County

Updated: Jun. 27, 2022 at 5:59 PM CDT
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MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) - When Love County sheriff Marty Grisham passed away in May he had just under two years left in his term.

On Monday county commissioners voted would replace him to finish out that term.

“This is kind of a unique situation because of a timing issue with sheriff Grisham’s death,” said district three commissioner Stacy Rushing. “We were not able to call a special election.”

Because of that timing it was on Rushing and the rest of the love county commissioners to appoint a new sheriff.

They received several applications for the job but chose to go with Grisham’s hand-selected undersheriff Andy Cumberledge.

“I think sheriff Grisham was preparing me to take over his position if anything happened,” said Cumberledge. “Unfortunately it happened a lot quicker than anyone expected but I feel like he prepared me for to take the role.”

Cumberledge served as the county’s patrol supervisor before Grisham selected him as his undersheriff in 2020.

According to Rushing that played a major role in their decision.

“He had more time on the force, in house, in the county than the rest of them,” said Rushing.

Cumberledge says that he isn’t looking to make any big changes, but rather continue the trajectory that Grisham had the department on.

“I want people to use our agency as an example of how they want to run their agency,” said Cumberledge.

Cumberledge will finish out the rest of Grisham’s term before the people of love county will elect their sheriff in the next election.

Another appointment he hopes to gain.

“I fully am prepared to put my name in the hat and go for the campaign and run for sheriff for many, many years to come,” said Cumberledge.

The next election for Love County sheriff will be held in 2024.

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