Nonprofit hosts town hall ahead of Oklahoma primary

Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 10:52 PM CDT
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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) - A Durant nonprofit hosted an Oklahoma candidate town hall Monday evening.

“We had candidates across the ballot were able to come out and give us their platform, engage with people,” said Kara Byrd, executive director of Imagine Durant.

Monday evening outside the Donald W. Reynolds Library in Durant, Vote 580 hosted a town hall free to the public ahead of Oklahoma’s primary election.

“It’s just really an opportunity for our constituents in our community to be informed before heading to the polls tomorrow,” said Byrd.

Vote 580 is a nonpartisan branch of Imagine Durant, a non profit. It was their first election event as a group.

“It’s really laid back and you know they get to share their platform, what they want to do in office. And there’s a lot of people that showed up here. And I believe the 580 has done a great job here to educate people,” said James Dry, a Bryan County voter.

Dry was impressed by the candidates’ honesty to the community.

“Try to get 5 to 10 people that you know to go out and vote and let’s set a record here in Southeastern Oklahoma on voter turnout,” said Dry.

All Republican and Democrat candidates on the ballot were invited to speak. 17 showed up to take the mic and shake hands with local voters.

“Well I am long time involved in government in our political situation, very concerned about America, concerned about Oklahoma,” said Bill Ledbetter, a Bryan County voter.

If you missed the town hall, be sure to do your research on who will be on your ballot before you head to your local polling place.

“The people are responsible for their Congress. Whether we have problems or whether we’re doing well, that’s our responsibility, not theirs,” said Ledbetter.

Find Election Day information here, and be sure to follow the election with coverage on News 12.

“These people are making decisions that affect your future, they shape your history,” said Byrd.

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