Couple celebrating 100th birthdays, 79 years of marriage: ‘We’ve never had a quarrel’

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 6:42 PM CDT
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HAMILTON, Ohio (WLWT) - An Ohio couple sure has a lot to celebrate this year: 79 years of marriage and upcoming 100th birthdays.

June and Hubert Malicote were both born in July of 1922 in rural Kentucky and eventually moved to Hamilton, Ohio, for work.

An invite to church one evening led Hubert Malicote to his future bride.

“We went in, and a group of young girls was right in front of us. She looked around at me and smiled,” Hubert Malicote said.

A friendship blossomed that soon turned to love, and the two were married on June 8, 1943.

Soon after, Hubert Malicote set off to serve the country in World War II. Unknown to June Malicote, he was stationed in Honolulu.

“One evening, I was walking through the commissary and saw a grass skirt on the wall. I thought if I could mail that, it would give her some indication of where I might be,” Hubert Malicote said.

June Malicote said she received the package in the mail.

“I then got a picture sent back, and I had my own Honolulu girl,” Hubert Malicote said.

And two years later, she welcomed him home.

“As the train stopped, the conductor standing beside me said, ‘She’s waiting for you,’” Hubert Malicote said.

The couple settled in Hamilton and have three children, seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

They say their faith is strong and love abides.

“We’ve never had a quarrel. We’ve never had one quarrel,” June Malicote said.

Hubert Malicote said ‘til death do us part’ holds strong.

‘We meant it, and it means something,” Hubert Malicote said.

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