Texans switching to Solar energy

Published: Jul. 19, 2022 at 6:23 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - With the high temperatures comes high electricity bills, and some Texomans have made the switch to solar roofing to not only help with the environment, but also their wallets.

Experts say solar panels are photovoltaic panels, which means they convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

“But in the long run, our electricity bill this month was like $8 and we generated more electricity than we used but there are a few other fees, taxes and fees associated with the electricity bill,” Solar panel homeowner Dr. Peter Schulze said.

As temperatures across Texoma continue to rise, and the Texas power grid struggles to keep up, the talk of solar energy is getting more chatty.

“But there’s no air pollution being generated by their activity right now which means there’s no greenhouse gasses being produced and there’s no so-called conventional air pollution like the kind of stuff you see and it’s bad to breathe,” Dr. Schulze said.

Dr. Schulze switched to solar panels on his roofs a couple years ago and said the benefits have saved him money, the environment, and the energy grid.

“So anybody who has their system they are using their own electricity, that’s produced right there on their roof so they are not putting any demands in peak hours on the grid because they are using their own electricity,” Owner of Your Solar Expert Natalia Carter said.

Carter said having a small solar panel system on your roof can be equivalent to 150 - 400 trees.

“Anybody who is installing solar on the house is actually helping neighbors, helping the community, helping the town so it’s a really good situation for the community,” Carter said.

But Carter said there is an initial investment and homeowners should do their research - especially when approached by door to door sellers.

“There are still experts but there are people who are just selling it without truly having knowledge, you do want a person knowledgeable in the industry who can design your system correctly,” Carter said.

Carter says recent storms have put a strain on Texas’ power grid and will make power more expensive for the next couple decades.

“Honestly because the power grid hasn’t gone down, the power would have been on in our house either way and we don’t have a battery backup system so without a battery backup system if the grid goes down, we don’t get power,” Dr. Schulze said. “You can have a battery backup system that cost more to install, there are other benefits to it and you could set it up so it could back up the house with the grid down but in our case since we don’t have a battery backup system, if the grid goes down, this won’t work by itself, it isn’t designed for that.”

“You know, saving the earth one home at a time,” Carter said.

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