Ardmore says city’s water pumps are getting hit by the heat

Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 6:24 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - The City of Ardmore says the high temperatures are causing a lot of problems for the water distribution system.

According to the public works department, the sun is cooking the technology that pumps water to the city.

At 95 degrees, the pump’s motors start to overheat and stop working, but public utilities director Shawn Guerin says the average customer won’t really notice anything wrong.

So far the city has been able to fix everything before customers notice by switching to a backup manual system.

Guerin said they’ve been planning for these high temperatures, in fact the city put in a order for upgrading the air conditioning units stationed near the pumps.

But Ardmore isn’t the only city in Oklahoma dealing with these high temperatures, and Guerin said the manufacturers who make these parts are backed up.

So while the city wait for parts, the motors are being run running manually.

Guerin said plan b is working, but its still stressful for city workers.

“You worry about what could happen and so everybody’s kind of on edge, but we’ve been able to manage the failures so far with the equipment,” Guerin said. “And so we had some things in place so that if it happens, this is what we do, and we had the backup equipment and it all worked out real nice this year. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed that we get through august and hopefully it cools off.”

Guerin said the only problem with manual is that city workers cant see the water levels and pump rates from the office. Instead, they have to go get readings in person.

While waiting for the parts, the city has put a few more people on the overnight shift to handle the extra work.

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