Bryan County launches new emergency alert system

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 5:32 PM CDT
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BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -Bryan County has launched an Emergency Alert Messaging System this week.

This has taken the county just four months to put together.

Ron Boyer, Bryan County Commissioner District 1, said this new technology is needed due to the growth of the county.

This will allow quicker and effective communication in case of an emergency.

“There haven’t been any alert system for us locally to be able to send out,” Bryan County Emergency Manager Cody Allen said.

Until now, Bryan County has had to rely on multiple sources to alert residents of an emergency.

But now they have a main point of contact to send urgent alerts.

“Our new emergency alert system will allow us the send emergency alerts to everybody who signs up,” added Allen.

In addition to weather emergencies, the new system can be used to send alerts of burn bans and other important information.

“This system will be better than we’ve ever had. Is it full proof? It’s only going to be as full proof as the user that’s going to use it. So if they don’t have their phone on, then it won’t be good. But in today’s world everyone has a cellphone,” said Boyer.

Before the county relied on alerts from Oklahoma City, risking a delay of critical seconds and sometimes minutes.

“The problem with that is some of the information could be as old as 15 minutes before we would receive it. and in a tornado environment,15 minutes could be 12 to 20 miles that it’s moved, 15 minutes could kill you” Boyer added.

While the county will still sound outdoor warning sirens, Boyers hopes that this new alert system will be an added layer of protection.

“Siren systems are very marginal effective in the wind, they’re good for outside events, you have a football game going on or something. But if you’re in your house you won’t probably hear them,” said Boyer.

Bryan County Emergency Management has also added a team of volunteer storm spotters that will report from the ground in the case that a tornado touches ground.

If you would like to volunteer as a storm spotter you can contact Cody Allen at (580) 380-4696.

To sign up for the Emergency Alert Messaging System, click here.

Sign up through the link or scan the QR code.
Sign up through the link or scan the QR code.(KXII)

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