Car crashes into Hugo woman’s house

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 10:34 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Amanda Hughes was woken up by a loud noise, she thought was just bad weather.

Hughes said, “Then I heard... it sounded like a train, and then I thought, no that’s not right. Then I heard a motor and I jumped out of the bed and I touched the vehicle, and I started screaming.”

Just feet away from her, right in the middle of her living room, was an SUV.

The driver had fallen asleep at the wheel while driving home from work.

Hughes described the damage and said, “It destroyed some of the cement squares, it cracked part of the porch. The vehicle came all the way in and busted the doors, the windows, the couches, a brand new antique table.”

Her home was destroyed.

She said, " I can half way cook, I can wash dishes with cold water. The gas line got busted in there from the vehicle, there’s antifreeze in there and gas that leaked out of the car.”

For Hughes, problems didn’t end there.

It took a week to get in contact with the driver’s insurance company, leaving Hughes in charge of a huge mess.

For a week now, Hughes has had to live day-to-day crossing over debris and glass.

She said, “I sit there, and I can’t sleep at night because as soon as I close my eyes I picture that same vehicle and if it wasn’t for that wall, it could have landed right on top of me.”

Hughes is grateful the damage wasn’t worse and said, “I thank God that we’re all okay, but if anybody would have been in my house that morning, or even my daughter would have been in there watching a movie, she might not have made it.”

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