Expert financial advice for college graduates hitting the job market

Hot job market good news for recent grads, but financial planning is still a must
Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 3:44 PM CDT
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InvestigateTV - If you are starting a new job, there are four basic concepts you need to know that will impact your finances forever, according to Aashish Matani, Managing Director of Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch.

Matani said think of it as the building blocks to getting your finances off to the best start.

He put together a list of the four building blocks for financial success:

Understand credit scores: Matani said a good credit score goal is 750 and most major banks will link to it in their app.

Understand how credit cards work: He said think of credits cards as an asset, not a burden. Matani added to also do your best to pay on time and don’t be late with a payment. “You just have to make it a habit of paying it off. understand when that due date is, understand when it is,” Matani said.

Pay yourself first: Set aside money and build up an emergency fund and start an IRA or join your company 4019(k). Matani suggested checking to see if your employer retirement plan offers a match. It’s an easy way to get free money.

Research and understand compounding interest: Matani said how much you save and how long you save will help you later in life at retirement. offers free resources and advice on personal finance and planning. It also has free calculator, templates and checklists to help you with your financial planning.