How the dry soil can cause expensive repairs to your home

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 8:44 PM CDT
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(KXII) -No homeowner wants a crack in the foundation of their home.

“If you have visual evidence of movement so damage, cracks, drywall cracks, doors that don’t stick and you ignore it, it will get worse,” said Jefferie Ellison, owner of Elite Foundation Repairs.

We happen to live in an area where the soil reacts to the changing weather conditions.

Ellison said, “we call it black gumbo clays, it’s an expansive soil, when we get into dry conditions the soil tends to shrink.”

If you’re a homeowner you might be facing foundation problems and not even know that cracks are lingering.

With the hotter temperatures drying up the soil, just imagine what it’s doing to your house.

And without watering, your foundation can shift.

“Watering your foundation is always something any foundation company would recommend, you’re watering your dirt around your house and that’s what’s keeping the house up right,” Ellison said.

This creates a moisture barrier underneath your house and there are a few methods you can use to hydrate the soil.

“One of those is with a drip irrigation system or a soaker hose, soaker hose being the cheaper of the two,” said Chris Chamberlain of G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair.

“Water everyday, about 15 minutes, you don’t have to go crazy with it, some people go every other day well that does nothing in this kind of drought,” Ellison said.

While you should avoid watering in the hottest part of the day, the distance that you water is also key.

“Ideal would be 12 to 18 inches away from the house,” Ellison added.

Watering your foundation could be a much better option when compared to the cost of repairs.

“The average cost of a foundation repair is a lot less than what people believe is only about six to seven thousand dollars and I say only cause most people think 15 to 20,” said Ellison.

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